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Minimum of 10 from £269-50 p.a.

Are you part of a group going Hunting, Shooting or Fishing today or tomorrow? If there are 10 or more of you, become a CCC3 Syndicate member NOW, buy online and you are entitled to all the benefits, discounts, and your members' insurance is effective immediately, TODAY!


Please note this product cannot be purchased in the Shotgun-Store checkout as our Card Merchant agreement in this store does not allow the sale of Annually expiring products. Please use the link to navigate to the dedicated payment server on Country Cover Club's main website to apply and pay.

Principal benefits:

  • Online store discounts at participating vendors
  • Supplier and venue privileges 
  • Online community forum
  • £12m Country Sports Public Liability cover in the UK and Ireland
  • £10k Personal accident cover
  • £100k Legal defence against 3rd party claims
  • £100k License revocation
  • Employee and product liability - trappers, beaters, loader, picker-ups, gundogs.
  • Guest cover @ £2-95 per guest per day

All offers subject to membership schedule, payment of membership fees, and master insurance policy details.

See policy wording for insurance elements click here:

See full benefits list, contact details etc,

and to purchase click here: website

On the main website, the Principle Syndicate member should choose SYNDICATE 10 Members and complete their own name, address and mailing fields in the  Buy Now interface. The other 9 members to the new syndicate and any further members joining now or later can either join through the individual Syndicate Member rate in the drop down box selection application, or by downloading the forms or bulk spreadsheet from the main site at

Membership certificate and policy details are provided by email download to  the principle member for forwarding. ( Personalised and printed hard copy Insurance Certificate available by post, £2-95 optional extra per member).

Syndicate membership is only available on an annual basis. Individuals within a syndicate may extend their membership for EU and WW cover by paying the extra fee. Syndicates do not receive members rewards or commissions on member introduction to the syndicate, this has already been deducted to obtain the £24-95 base fee.

to purchase click here: website

Technical specifications

Product Code CCC3